Top Market Research Companies in India


These days, our country is fast becoming a center for every thing. Be it education, sports, business, social work, industries, corporate sector, software industries, etc. The constant rate of growth being almost 10 per cent means there are large number of opportunities available to all the people of India and rest of the world. No matter what back ground one is from, any one can now start up a new company of their own or a brand which can become huge in a matter of few months or years.

Market Research Companies
Market Research Companies

Everyone wants to know what can one plunge in to so that he/ she can make lots of name, fame and money. To help these individuals and other companies, there are so many research companies India that are coming up in large numbers which can help a great deal in telling about which market is stale or un-explored and has a lot of scope ahead in the near future to be explored. And also how much potential a certain market has and how much money has to be invested or which product is in demand these days or in a certain area of India or the world and also what is the revenue generating capacity from that un-explored market.

In you quest to launch a new product or services, Market Research Companies can help you immensely to make a mark in that sector which has not been explored yet. For instance, every company in the corporate world, before launching a new product like a new biscuit or new range of potato wafers, thoroughly find out the need of the general customers and fulfill them according to their needs. In all this, Marketing Research Companies play a very vital role in researching the up coming trends in the market for the various companies they are hired from. So, to find any research companies, which can suit your marketing and business needs, you can consult about them from us too as we have a very wide experience in this field.

List of Top 10 Market Research Agencies in India

If you want to know the top 10 list of Market Research Agencies in India just find the following list of companies:-

  • IMRB International
  • TNS India Pvt Ltd.
  • RNB Research
  • Majestic MRSS
  • Market Xcel Data Matrix Pvt. Ltd.
  • IDC
  • Hansa Research
  • Millward Brown
  • Ipsos Indica Research
  • The Nielsen