List of Top Chemical Companies in India Who Growing the Indian Economy


Indian chemical industry is one of the oldest industry in India, it has been contributing considerably to both the industrial and financial growth of india since independence day – 1947. From cosmetics and toiletries to plastics and pesticides, Indian chemical industry at present, produces almost 60,000 commercial products. Chemical companies in india covers a big spectrum of categories with inorganic and organic chemicals, medicine and pharmaceuticals, dyes and pigments, plastics and petrochemicals, pesticides, fine and specialty chemicals and agrochemicals and fertilizers.

Indian Chemical Companies
Indian Chemical Companies

Having a powerful concentrate on modernization, the government of India, actively promotes the development of the domestic chemical industry. Policy, planning, growth and regulation of the industry is all coordinated by the Department of Chemicals and Petro chemicals India, which has been a part of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. India’s ranked 13th position globally for exports of pesticides and disinfectants, producing greater than 1000 tons of pesticides annually. In terms of quantity, India ranks 12th position largest chemicals producer in world. Additionally, the petrochemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors are amongst the quickest growing in the Indian economy.

List of Top Indian Chemical Companies

  • Tata Chemicals
  • Jainco Inks & Chemicals
  • Afco Industrial & Chemcials Ltd.
  • Hindustan Insecticides Ltd.
  • Aimco Pesticides
  • Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd
  • Allied Resins & Chemicals Ltd
  • Alpanil Industries
  • Chemplast Sanmar
  • Galaxy Surfactants
  • ABR Organics
  • Acme Synthetic
  • Advaitya Dye Chem
  • Indo German Carbons
  • Mahindra Ashtech
  • Jyoti Chemical
  • Kadakia