Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company


Bajaj Allianz is the joint venture between Allianz Group and Bajaj Auto Allianz. It is recently rated one of the top insurance companies in the whole world. They are the acclaimed manufacturers of two to three wheelers internationally. Bajaj Allianz has its 876 satellite offices, which are located internationally, and they also satisfied the customer more than 40 Lakhs.

Bajaj Allianz Insurance offers different plan according to every individual need and requirement like unit gain insurance, life time care insurance, term care plans, saving plans business polices, security polices and many other individual plans which includes Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance which offers very competitive charge for the client’s health insurance plans which suits to every individual’s budget. This Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plans offers you adequate health coverage to the insured for any type of sickness, illness and injuries. Next one is Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance which also design according to individual requirements, having a car insurance is must because it Safeguard your car from accidents and other risky elements such as theft or self-ignition. Other Insurance, which is provided by the Bajaj Allianz, is the Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance, which provides a protection to two-wheeler and covers the damage cost for your vehicle.

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Now talk about Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, which will provide protection to your valuable things like home, car, and motor it is depending on you what type of police you are buying and what type of insurance you are seeking for. If you want best deal with full guarantee then go for Bajaj Allianz Insurance.

Bajaj Allianz Customer Portal is also provided by the Bajaj Allianz which is used to find Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Health Insurance and so on. You can done all your transactions with Bajaj Allianz Online facility by visiting their website you can check your current status, clear your doubts and you can check out Bajaj Allianz Policy Status. They have their online tools like child education cost calculator, human life value estimator and many more.