Top Aerospace Companies in India Boost the Aerospace Industry


Aerospace industry is one of the growing industries globally and many Aerospace companies provide their services in aerospace engineering. Aerospace Engineering to build a business that can easily scale up and down in response to the dynamic nature of demand in world. On this page we are are try to provide the information of aerospace engineering companies and aerospace companies India in Engineering/Machinery category. In 2008, more than 90% aerospace companies usa, which is from civil and military, they were prepare to enter the joint ventures with Indian aerospace companies, as reported by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA). Indian aerospace industry is, contribute considerably to India’s economic growth. Over the past 10 years, India has seen more engineering and R&D investments in aerospace than the USA, Canada and Europe.

Aerospace Companies in India
Aerospace Companies in India

Many aerospace companies in India are provide related aerospace services like Embedded Systems, Product Design & Development, Product Life Cycle Management, Testing & Integration, IT Solutions. Avionics, a Strategic Business Unit of Infotech provides Full Life Cycle safety/Mission Critical Software solutions for Aerospace with focus on Onboard Software & Hardware Development, and Verification & Validation

Private Aerospace Companies in India

  • Pawan Hans Helicopter Ltd., Delhi – Charter service for helicopters
  • Samtel Display Systems, Delhi – Multi Function displays and Engineering Services
  • Orient Flight School, Chennai – a unit of HGI- meets international standards for pilot training
  • Jaisara Tooling Systems – supplier of tooling to Indian Airlines/Air-India
  • Taneja Aerospace & Aviation
  • Aviquipo of India Ltd – distributor of avionics parts

Mexico, Canada and China also developing their aerospace market and making big competition for Indian aerospace companies, it is awaited that India will continue to prove itself as an aerospace engineering center of excellency. Indian aerospace companies are growing day by day. One of the Indian Aerospace Company – HAL was ranked 40th in Flight International’s list of the top 100 aerospace companies last year. And the growth of the aerospace industry has led to the opening up of spin-off opportunities in other sectors. Offshore engineering services, for one, have seen a spurt in growth.